Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day & Blogiversary Giveaway!!!

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One Year Blogiversary

Wow! So I completely MISSED the date of my One Year Blogiversary! I KNEW it was around this time... So I checked today. The 8th of February. Almost the 9th. My Very First post was February 6th 2012!!!! I can't believe I've had my blog for a whole year now, blogging on and off for a year has been a stress reliever for me and a stress inducer all at once. At some points last year, Blogging and painting my nails became more of a "Chore" than a fun outlet, so I stopped posting for a while. I HATE chores. I have a lot of health problems, including but not limited to Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia and excruciating Chronic pain. In other words, I have my good days and I have my bad days, and I would like to thank all of my followers for being there for me. The ones that comment and message me regularly on Facebook even more! I am always on Facebook and am now on Instagram, so if you don't see me on here, try tracking me down on the other two sites. As of right now, I am going to try my best to start posting more regularly. As I truly do LOVE painting my nails, showing my hauls, and posting about my love for Polish, I will try to post at least 3-4 times a week. I've been trying for 3 days to put up my Rafflecopter Giveaway, and Rafflecopter or my internet or my mind just wouldn't cooperate with me, so I'm gonna try again, and this time it's my Valentine's Day One Year Blogiversary Giveaway!!! I hope everyone enters and tells their friends. I'll also be doing my first Themed Nail Art Contest of 2013!!! So stay tuned... Let me go play with Rafflecopter one more time and see if it works. :) Thanks for sticking with me, and I can't believe I'm up to 58 Blog followers and over 440 Facebook Followers! Ya'll are Amazing. And thanks to all the other Polish Addicts out there for keeping me going. The Polish Blog Community is definetly a great place, I've made so many friends :)

Thanks for reading.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sorry I've been away for a while.

I've been away from my blog for quite a while, and my nails for that matter. It seemed to be a daily job than a daily hobby. I still have spent tons of money on polish and makeup and all, I just haven't been posting about it cuz it seems like a chore and I hate chores. I'm gonna try my best to start giving more love to my blog, but those of you who love me for me and not for my posts can always find me on Facebook and now on Instagram. I'm trying to get this Rafflecopter thingy to work for me so I can post my first ever Giveaway. Yup a Giveaway, you don't have to do anything but follow what the Rafflecopter asks for. No nail art. BUT I am coming out with my first Themed Nail art Contest of 2013 in a few. Few hours? hopefully Tomorrow. ok..

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