ABC Get to know ME!

Heyyy!! I saw this over at Polish And Charms and I thought it was really cool, so I'm gonna do it so ya'll get to know a lil bit more about me! <3

A is for Age: I'm 26 & I turn another year older every August 10th!! I'm a Leo.. Grrrrr

B is for Breakfast today: I had a slice of Whole Wheat Toast with Nutella and Banana Slices!! YUM!

C is for current Craving: Cheese, I love all kinds of cheese.. Cheese with olives and cherry tomatoes is my fave go to snack. Usually what I'm craving!!

D is for Dinner tonight: We had my famous White Bean and Garbanzo Pork Chili.. It's to die for!!

E is for favorite type of Exercise: I can't exercise much cuz of my stomach problems. But I love to walk.

F is for irrational Fear: The Ocean. I enjoy its Beauty and I respect the creatures that live in it, but I am deftly afraid of it, all of my bad dreams are of huge waves and sharks and it's just a scary fear of mine. Which is a shame cuz I live in Florida and am surrounded by the Ocean lol

G is for Goals you have for yourself:  To get healthy and stay healthy.

H is for Hometown: I was born in Trenton New Jersey but raised from the age of 2 in Florida, we've lived in a lot of cities in Florida, so I can't really call just one my hometown, but a few hometown shout outs would be Palm Beach Gardens, North Palm Beach, Hernando Beach and Beverly Hills.

I is for something Important: My Fam[ily] is number one in my life. And my kitties.

J is for current favorite Jam: Above and Beyond- The Bravery

K is for Kids: No kids for me. All I have are my babies. My 2 kitty cats. Diggory & Curious Marshmallows

M is for the most recent way you spent Money: Dresses, Shoes, Nail Polish, clothes and food.

N is for something you Need: I need good health. I have to get my diabetes in check.

O is for Occupation: I'm a Graphic Deziner. A laid off graphic deziner right now.

P is for Pet Peeve: When people ignore me.

Q is for a Quote: "Death is Certain. Life is Not."

R is for a Random fact about you: I have Chronic Pancreatitis and Fibromyalgia. In March 2011 I had surgery and they removed 1/3 of my pancreas, my entire spleen and in July 2007 I had my Gallbladder removed. I'm Randomly missing organs lol lol

S is for the most random place(s) you have ever Slept: In the back of a pick up truck!!

T is for favorite Treat: Gummi Bears. I miss them. Can't have them now with my Diabetes.

U is for something that makes you Unique: My Down to Earth Personality.

V is for favorite Vegetable: I love all kinds of Veggies, but my all time fave is prolly Cabbage then Broccoli then Zuchini then corn.

W is for today’s Workout: Went for a short walk around the neighborhood. :)

X is for X-rays you’ve had: I've only ever had X-Rays on my teeth at the dentist, but I've had MRI's and CT scans so many times.. I guess those count?

Y is for Yesterday’s highlight: I woke up alive and went to sleep happy :)

Z is for your time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

If you wanna do this you're more than welcome to copy it, please comment and let me know you're doing it. I'd love to know more about you. I also LOVE to receive comments about myself so please leave me some comments, this way I don't feel like my whole blog is talking to myself :D


  1. I love all of those vegetables! Glad to get to know another blogger. I love my kitty cats too!

    1. We have much in common hehe, thanks for stopping by. I hope you think about joining my Nail Art Contest as well <3 My kitty cats are my life. I have a black cat and a fat calico <3

  2. I am totally stealing this :)
    BTW- You mentioned you couldn't really exercise because of your stomach problems? I do a fitness routine called T-tapp which heals from the inside out. It was designed specifically for people with all kinds of medical problems, including diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome. It's really rehabilitative, and you can get results with just 15 minutes, 3 times a week. You should really check it out, I think it might be worth trying to help some of your health problems. There are walking routines, too! You can follow some of my progress on my blog, which I haven't updated in forever: or check it out at T-tapp's web site:

    Thanks again :)

    1. Ohh!! and I just read you have Diabetes, also? As I said, T-tapp was designed specifically for Diabetes, amongst other health problems! One of the exercises, called Hoedowns, has been proven to work faster than an Insulin shot. I really, really recommend T-tapp! Sorry, I'm not trying to sell anything or preach. I've just seen it help so many people and I really get wanting to feel better and wanting to be healthy. Well, the site isn't loading for me right this second, but if you go to it, look under the Try Before You Buy section. They should have a section about Hoedowns if you're interested :)

    2. thanks so much Melanie. I'm just now seeing your comments. I'm terribly sorry! But I will deffz check out that site and exercises!!
      Thanks again!


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