About Your Deziner

              I am new at Blogging and a newly addicted Nail Polish Addict. I've been doing my nails since October 2011!! I LOVE Nail Dezinez, hence my blog name Polished Dezinez Addict. My Fave color is Blue Polish && I Love Crackles. I own quite a few bottles of Polish and my fave brand is Essie <3 Please read the graphic Below to learn more about me. Thanks for your time!!  -Joanna


Hey!! Thanks for reading my Blog Posts, and if you're reading this bit right here then you're probably about to comment!! And I hope you do!! I LOVE reading your comments and thoughts about the things I post about! I would LOVE more people to comment and leave positive critisicm!! And if you have a Blog or Blog post you'd like for me to see, Email me at JMFDezinez@Gmail.com I enjoy reading all of your comments