Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cool Giveaway!! Great Blogger

Check her out, she's really cool and has an awesome giveaway!!

Also here's the pic of the entry I did for the Beautiful Pink Tattoo's Summer Trendz Contest. Contest ends August 31st so you still got plenty of time to go and vote for me, check out my Facebook page, it's ALL over it begging for likes and votes!! This will however be my last "likes" contest... Popularity seems to win over the actual rules of the entry in those contests.. Here's my entry.. I used 4 summer trendz

Monday, August 20, 2012

A Facebook Contest Vote/Like for me!!

Can all my girls out there help a sister out!?!?!? I entered a nail art contest and I really wanna win. I need a lot of votes/likes to win.. Please help!!!! Just click this picture/link below and then click LIKE!!! Thanks soooooooo much!!!!   I'm 45+ votes away from first place.. It's on Facebook, so you're most likely gonna need to sign in :) Thanks if you do vote for me :) 

Click Here to go to Facebook to VOTE for my entry. just click LIKE!!! Thanks!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

I’m having such an amazing Birthday today. Right now I’m setting up my Brand New LAPTOP!!!!! It has everything. I’m using Windows Live Writer to write this blog post… Just checkin’ things out and looking at my new laptop! I can’t wait to post pics of it and everything I got for my Birthday today. Cupcakes are in the oven. It smells sooooooo good in here.. Me and Maritza, my lil sister are gonna decorate those babies as soon as they cool off.. We’re making Chocolate Cupcakes with Reese’s Peanut Butter chips inside them and FUNFETTI Vanilla cupcakes with my world famous home made Cream cheese Frosting!!!!! We’re gonna decorate them with rainbows, I got my 5 pasty bags and tips ready to go! Beautiful Colorful Rainbows with fluffy white clouds! So cute! Definetly will post pics!! I Also got some new clothes, perfumes, body washes and jewelry, a caboodle, a purse and wallet and of course a couple more polishes to add to my stash!! And I got a bunch of popsicle craft sticks and fake nails so I can make SWATCHSICLES of my entire collection of Polishes!!!! That probably won’t be done today. but I’ll be working on that. Can’t wait to show ya’ll my idea of how I’m gonna keep my collection in order Smile Thanks a million to all of my followers and friends who sent me Birthday wishes on my Facebook Nail site/page as well as my Personal Facebook page. Love you girls and guys!! Lots of Pics coming soon… As well as a new mani I did for a contest PINK TATTOO is doing… <3 I’m gonna finish  checking out this laptop and getting all my stuff from my mini onto it..

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Surprisez!!

 My Dad woke me up 2 nights in a row, the first night with a Cheesecake!! It was sooooo yummy!!! Best Cheesecake I've had in a long time. They wrote on it with these edible markers dad got in the cake aisle, lol but they were buggin' me sayin' they were Sharpies lol. and he got me some Metallic Polishes [He didn't know I had them already.. But I love them none the less.. And he got me 2 tiny Gel Polishes. I don't have a UV Light, so if someone is interested in them, please let me know, they're $16 Polishes, I'd let them go for half price, I have a dark navy and a dark sugarplum.. I don't think I'll ever hitch a ride on the Gel/UV light train, since I change my polish so much..

Anyways... TONIGHT Daddy woke me up with a bag full of Surprises!!! He started out with Some SH Gem Crushes, the only one I had was the blue one and you can never have enough blue gem crush! And he got me some Neon Sally Hansens I didn't have... But then he pulled out the AWE-MAZING BAG!!!!!!!

 He got me the entire Revlon Moon Candy Collection!!!!!! They're sooooo beautiful.. I'm gonna figure out how to do some awesome swatches without wasting what little there is in the bottles.. They're just perfect!! The Flakies are huge and Awe-Mazin'!!!!!!! I can't wait to try them out and play around with them.
Isn't he amazing? I got him into Polish lol He's a great Polish buyer!!!

[Sorry about all of the watermarks but with all the Photo Thefts going around, I don't want others claiming these are their items and their pics. People who do that have no lives... ]
I love these, I have had the baby blue one for the longest time!!! Now I have the whole set!! Or there might be one or two more! Oh well, I think 5 will do, I've always been a Lip Balm Whore lol.

Lets see what other Surprises come my way.. Til my Birthday August 10th :D  Thanks for reading. Comment if you have any of these items and which ones you love!!! <3 I love comments

It's my Birthday in 5 days.. August 10th!!!!

I'll be turning 27 years old. It will officially be one whole year since I've gotten my first ever bottles of Polish.. The Bottles that started it all... My sister bought me a Sally Hansen Blue and Sally Hansen Purple.. The Fast Drying ones.. I still have them, as well as all the other colors in that collection. Along with prolly 300 other bottles.. I really started collecting Polishes in October 2011, cuz of course I had no orange or black to do something for Halloween, then Christmas came and I needed Red and Green, and then I saw glitters and needed light blues and glitter and white for snow... It was all downhill after January.. I fell in love with essie Brand Polishes and had to have every color.. I have over 100 maybe 130 essies now. I think I have managed to get every color lol no not really, but now whenever a new collection comes out I'm the first to have it. This year in May I bought my first ever China Glazes.. We don't have a Sally Beauty Supply store close to us, so when I finally got there, I had a lot of fun. I got "For Audrey" the best color in the world that I always wanted, that I probably already had 4 dupes that look just like it lol, and then I got Watermelon Rind. I LOVE it, and Dorothy Who.. OMG those 3 were on my wish list forever!! And I finally got them.. And since I was there and Finger Paints was havin a sale, I got Motley, Asylum, and something else.. but of course I didn't get Twisted... I found out 2 days after I got the 3 flakies I got that "Twisted" was the one that everyone wanted, Twisted was and prolly still is selling for $50 on ebay. Do I remember if they had Twisted that day I was there, No. but the sales woman did have 2 more in her hand that I said I didn't want. I called back the next day, willing to drive the hour drive to get my golden bottle of Twisted, but nope, they were all sold out. So did I miss out on getting my bottle. Yes I did. lol Pretty much every month I have major Polish Hauls.. I've recently gotten into Nailene Nails and being able to do my beautiful Polished Dezinez on them and keep them!!! Which to me is like a blessing to my OCD.. I hate getting rid of anything, and when I have an amazing nail art dezine on my nails, that just chips away and I have to remove, it kills me.. So this way I can do my nails on these fake nails and keep my favorites. I want to get a whole album full of swatches of all of my polishes eventually.. Eventually soon. I'm itching to paint a fake nail and glue it onto a popsicle stick and write the name of the polish on the stick and stick it in an album.. An album full of all my pretties... lol I am a Polish Addict. This is true. I thought that within the year I'd be "over" my addiction but oh no, it's still going strong. An hopefully will be for years to come..

My Latest Polished Dezine for a Contest

This is my entry I made for a Contest on Facebook... Pritty Kittyz Nailz is the page. She's super sweet. All the way from the UK. Her contest is "PINK" no stamping and no stickers. Must be hand drawn Nail Art. With a Pink Concept 70% or more must be pink.. Let me know if you like my entry.. I really hope I win!! I've only won one contest so far. I have 2 more contests to get doin'... One for NPD Nail Polish Dept on Facebook is doing a Candyland themed contest.. Idea is Candy... Ends sometime in August.. Then Pink Tattoo [PLEASE find them all on Facebook and tell them I sent you, and like their pages. Pink Tattoo is having an awesome Summer Giveaway, she can be found on Youtube as well!!!! I wanna win her contest soooo bad!! Anyways here's my PINK entry..

I was going for a pink/black idea and wanted to def do breast cancer awareness... and I have a beautiful black kitty and the site who's doing the contest is PRITTY KITTYZ NAILZ  It only seemed right. I think it's Puuurrrrrfectly pink and a winner lol

Friday, August 3, 2012