Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cool Giveaway!! Great Blogger

Check her out, she's really cool and has an awesome giveaway!!

Also here's the pic of the entry I did for the Beautiful Pink Tattoo's Summer Trendz Contest. Contest ends August 31st so you still got plenty of time to go and vote for me, check out my Facebook page, it's ALL over it begging for likes and votes!! This will however be my last "likes" contest... Popularity seems to win over the actual rules of the entry in those contests.. Here's my entry.. I used 4 summer trendz


  1. This is a magnificent mani!! It gets my vote!!!

    from sunny(stormy)south ALABAMA; ENCORE!!

    1. Thank you so very much :) I unfortunately did not win.. Please be sure to like my page on Facebook, I'm always on there <3 <3 Thanks for commenting Deborah


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