Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Coverphoto & Default on my Facebook!

In with the new and out with the old! I've made a new Coverphoto for my Facebook page :) Check it out!!   Click here to see new Coverphoto Be sure to LIKE my page.

I'm also starting the 30 day Nail Art Challenge with a new friend I've made. We're gonna start after Labor Day. It might take me more than 30 days tho, but I am in NO Rush whatsoever! I'm here for the FUN of Nail Art and if it takes me 3 months I'll be just fine.. Might get my sister in on this one with me as well. Something fun to do. Here's a link to my 30 day of Nail art graphic I made

On a sad note, I did not win Pink Tattoo's Summer Trendz Contest, but MixedMama Did and she deserves it, all the entries were beautiful. Still wish it was judged by Pink Tattoo herself and not a like contest but what can ya do. 

I also went on a lil shopping spree and found some WNW Fergie Polishes.. Pics below.
Gonna use all 8 on a mani for this weekend :) Pics coming tomorrow hopefully.
Here's Pictures of the Polishes I'm gonna use...

 Here's the backs in case you wanted to know the names, but I'm not sure you can really read them.

And here is a sneak peak into my new Coverphoto&Default Set. If you'd like one please let me know. $10 for the set OR we can work out a Polish Payment ;)  You can message me on Facebook or comment here or email me

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