Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Wonderland Contest"

My 3rd "Themed" Nail Art Contest
My Theme is "Wonderland" Open to US Residents only. All others may enter for the fun of it tho ;) Freehand Nail Art only. No Stamping.. No Stickers. You can use glitters and R...
hinestones. Your entry must consist of at least 5 nails polished with nail art. I don't wanna see 4 blue
nails and one accent nail done with a character. I thought of this theme after watching "Alice" a 3 hour tv miniseries. Has anyone else seen it? If you haven't it's an amazing version of Alice in Wonderland and all the other remakes made. I do not agree with the creepy Johnny Depp Mad Hatter but if anyone has Netflix they can watch the "Alice" I am talking about and fall in love with that Mad Hatter. He is HOTT ♥ Andrew Lee Potts is his name I think. Lol anyways. So yeah all entries can be emailed to me at JMFDezinez@Gmail.com and i'll upload them into an album as soon as I can! Lets see your best Wonderland Themed Nailz ♥ This has been up for about a week now and only 2 entries! Come on girls, *PRIZE WILL BE SHOWN WHEN I RECEIVE AT LEAST 5 ENTRIES!*

Judging will be done by ME, MY LITTLE SISTER, MY DAD, & MY MOTHER. In case of a tie I will get someone who's not into "nails" to break the tie. Contest ending "no date set yet"

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