30 dayz of Nail Art Challenge

I'll be doing this with a new friend of mine I found on Facebook. CC's Polished Pointers :) We're starting this after Labor Day, i'll be posting pictures here for each day, I'm not use to changing my manicure everyday, so it's gonna be a real challenge. But it sounds like a lot of fun. Even if it takes me 3 months to complete, I'm gonna do my best, and I'm gonna try to get my sister into doing it with me :) Follow me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/PolishedDezinezAddict

If you wanna use this image please comment first, and DO NOT Edit or remove my watermarks!!!

                                                                 -Joanna PDA <3


  1. Finally going to be starting this after Labor Day with my new friend CC's Polished Pointers <3 This is gonna be a true challenge.


  2. This is gonna be so much fun! and I can't wait to see what designs all the ladies joining is will come up with. :)

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