Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Perfume Ebay Buy

Check Out This ebay Seller!! I recently bought a new perfume. I collect Perfumes as well as Nail polish lol. I bought Tommy Hilfigers Tommy Girl "Eau de Prep"... For only $18.99!!! a 3.4oz bottle! Brand New... Check out this seller, they also off Free Shipping!!!!! (I''ve posted the link above).. This perfume smells sooooooo delicious! Sorry I haven't posted in Forever! I have a Squarehue Polish on my nails ATM <--- "At The Moment".. It's from their August 2014 collection. Beverly Hills from the Passport Collection. It's called Canon Drive. Which is cool cuz I live in Beverly Hills Florida! lol. It's a chrome like purple. Very pretty.. Very shiny! Great application and great wear. I also added an accent nail of Milani's New Glitter silver shiny topcoat... I'll post pics soon. Here's a pic of the new Perfume tho!!!

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