Wednesday, March 27, 2013

OMG!!! I found a Polish I never knew I had!!!

OMG OMG OMG I'm having a heart attack Right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL OMG I found a bottle of a REALLY HARD TO FIND OPI POLISH!!!!!!! In my stash of Polishes!!!!!! I was going through my desk clutter, and I pulled out this really old looking dark OPI bottle.. Like Seriously I've never seen this bottle before, it's REALLY OLD and the OPI letters and all are falling off and faded and its just really weird, anyways.. I'm looking at it and it seems purple, almost a duochrome like with amber and red shining with it, it reminded me of the old Hard Candy "Beetle".. so I flip it over to see if it even still has the name attatched and OMFGGGGGG IT DOES!!!!! [I know by now you're just like get on with it,, what color is it lol] Well it's a Lemming of mine from like FOREVER!!!!!!! Black Tie Optional!!! Just looked on Ebay and it's going for over $30 a bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's from OPI's 2001 World Collection!!!!! Seriously? This bottle of polish is almost 13 years old??? And I have no idea where or when I got it?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!? Wow. Deffz a weird moment! But an amazing one! Yay!

I'll post a pic in a few minutes!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My First Ever DIY Foam board Nail Polish Rack

I finally got around to making my first ever DIY Foam Board Nail Polish Rack and it was really fun!! I have more boards to make one more!!! I'm really excited to be posting this. As most of ya'll know I have my Polish Studio Walls full of Polish on my Wood Polish Racks. But I've seen tons of Youtube videos of girls making their $1.99-$5.00 DIY Projects.. and wanted to make one for myself too! [My lil 16 yr old sister almost needs one too lol She's gotten addicted to polish as well] Not as bad as me but she has quite a collection! Anyways... This DIY Project would have cost me just $7 for the 3 $1 Boards and the Duct tape, but I wanted a high temp glue gun, my small gluegun wouldn't have been much fun to work with, it seems with that one, the glue is dry before it even touches something. But I definetly recommend this High Temp one!! It's GREAT to work with!

                                   I bought a new High Temp Glue Gun at Walmart for $20!
 Got my Gluesticks and Duct Tape at Walmart as well $10

                         I found my 3 White Foam Boards at the Dollar Tree for just $1 each!!


                                     I needed X-acto knives, a ruler, and a measuring tape!!

                                          I cut 2- 2 inch long wise cutouts from the one board.
                                         I drew lines 4 inches apart on the "back" white board.
                                           I then drew 9- 2 inch lines on the last foam board.
                  I had enough room to draw 9-1 inch lines on the last foam board I drew the 9-2 inch lines..

You keeping up? lol It seems easy enough, but you NEED to make sure you have EVERYTHING even and not off by even a centimeter. It takes time and real good eye control.

After I had everything drawn, I was ready to cut.. I cut them all out using my sharp X-acto knivez
That was the hardest part. Trying to cut ON the lines evenly... But I did it, so here I have all my pieces cut out .
                                                and here is  my "Back" board all lined up
I had to duct tape my front 1 inch panels first, then the 2- 2inch side panels.. I almost didn't have enough duct tape. I ran out and I wasn't satisfied so I still used the LAST piece of duct tape that wasn't sticky lol I just cut it into 3 thin pieces and hot glued it to the top :)

After that I glued on the 2 2inch sides to the Back board, then I glued on the top shelf and went down from there.. I used extra hot glue on every side of every cutout. Above and Under each shelf and front and back on each side. I used about 8 Long Gluesticks, and burnt my fingers at least 5 times with the hot glue!! lol But it was well worth it!

And this is the Final Piece of work.

 I LOVE how it turned out, and it turned out Perfectly. Not lopsided, not uneven at all. I can't wait to make my next one!!! I LOVE the duct tape I picked out for this one. I have a few more duct tapes I can't decide which to use next!!! lol

I'll update later when I put it up or put it somewhere and add all the polishes, and I'll let you know how many polishes it holds.. I'll prolly get to that tomorrow :)
Thanks for reading!! Please Leave a comment if you have made one or want one or whatever. I love reading comments! :)