Monday, February 27, 2012


Sorry for not posting for a while, I've been depressed. even my nails are depressed. Here's my latest Polished Dezine... It's based on how I've been feeling and the weather and a really awesome song my lil sister had me listen to. "Stormy" by Hedley omg it's awesome, check it out for realz.

I used a base coat of Nailtiques then a base coat of Seche Clear then used Essies Power Clutch for the base color, OPI Suzi takes the wheel for the dark dreary clouds, Sinful colors Cinderella for the rain drops, sinful colors Unicorn for the lightning  strike and some Sinful colors snow me white for some added effect to the drops. I'm not sure if I like them very much... Hopefully I'll feel like changing them soon but for right now they're exactly how I feel. Like a dark cloud is over my head

 The thumb on my right hand.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mixed Mama is having a giveaway!!

Go to that link and like her FB page and follow her blog, she's awesome and so friendly. <3
She does awesome nail work :)

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Spoiled!!! Super Huge Haul

I am Very Spoiled. I got so many polishes today and yesterday. I'm like seriously done for the year. Time to work on swatching and writing them all down and doing a bottle count.. Anddddddddd Organizing them.. Whew, a lot of work.. I would've had a new mani today but I can't get rid of my Crackled Peace nails yet, I love them too much lol.. Maybe Thursday I'll do a new one... Ok so 4 stores later and my Super Spoiled Haul is ready to be written down... 37 Awesome Polishes!
I finally found a well stocked "Spoiled" display at CVS, they had quite a few glitters there so I got every one I saw, and I saw a new Go Green Sally Hansen Display with 5 new greens, I got 4 of them...

Here's what I got:
Milani Nail Art Pen [Yellow Dezine]
Milani Nail Art Pen [Blue Print]                Both Nail Pens were 75% off!!!!!!!!!!!
Milani NEON Dude Blue
Milani NEON Pink Hottie

School of Hardrocks [Grey Blue]
Size Matters [Deep Red/Plum]

4 new Go Green Sally Hansen Polishez:
Tough Luck [ Shiny Green]
Limestone [Lime Green]
Punk Rock [a Shiny green blue] My fave out of the five!!
Made in Jade [A dark jaded turquoise] My 2nd fave from that display!!

Diamond Strength Sally Hansen:
Pink Promise [ummmm could it be pink?]
Must Have Iris [Pink]

Sally Hansen Insta Dri:
Rapid Red [Cherry Red]

Sally Hansen HD:
Pixel Pretty [Shiny Turquoise] Soooo in love with this color and this line of HD polishes!
Lite [Yellow]
Hi-Def [Green that reflects Gold]

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear:
Marine Scene [a darker shiny blue]
Blizzard Blue [a shiny bright blue] 

Dreamer [Baby Blue/Sky blue]
Charismatic [Sherbert Orange]
Not So Blueberry [SMELLS like Blueberries when dry, it's a metallic bluish purple tint]

SPOILED: [I LOVE the names of these lol]
Pet My Peacock [Blue, Turquoise and silver glitter polish]
I Gotta Confection To Make [Hot Pink Glitter]
Vitamin C [Glittery Orange]
Trust Fund Baby [Purple, Blue and Gold Glitter polish]
I'm So Jaded [Bright Neon Green]
Plenty of Fish in the Sea [Shiny Metallic Blue]
Show Me The Money [Green Glitter looks like my birthstone Peridot] I had this one already :\
Distant Memory [ Green blue]
Tip Your Waitress [Hot Pink]
Use Protection [Blue glitter]
Jewelry Heist [Gold, Light Blue and light pink glitters]

Sinful Colors:
All About You [Gold Glitter]
Under 18 [Shiny Red]
Ruby Ruby [Red]
Easy Going [Pale Pink

I Eat Mainley Lobster
Overexposed in South Beach
Hot & Spicy

When I get everything organized. pics of bottles and swatches will be coming.. Sorry it's taking so long, but in between shopping and life, things have gotten a bit busy. I'll post tomorrow or Thursday.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crackled Peace!

I got a new blanket that inspired this nail dezine. It's black with colored Peace signs and colored splashes.. It inspired me but i'm not so sure my idea came out the way I wanted. I had a hard time with the crackle, it just wouldn't crackle enough to show the colors through it.. Oh well, it was fun to do.

I used a basecoat first of Nailtiques a nail protein basecoat. Then I used a basecoat of Seche Clear. I used the colors Mint Sprint by Sally Hansen and 4 by Sinful Colors, Amethyst [purple] Innocent [green] it looks yellow in the pic and the purple looks blue.., Why Not [Blue] the blue pictured is Love Nails, it was too light for what I needed so I swapped it for "Why Not"and the last color is Feeling Great [Pink] I also used one coat of Snow Me White so that the colors popped better.

 I love my caboodle.. It holds all my makeup :) In this next picture you can see the makeup sponges I used, I broke one into pieces, one for each color..
 Here's how I started, sponging on diff colors in diff sections of each finger... This is 3 colors pictured

 Here's all 5 of the colors and don't worry if it gets all over your skin, it was easy to get cleaned up..

 Next I crackled them, and the black crackle didn't crack like I wanted it to, it was too heavy of a coat I guess, so the colors didn't shine through the best.. I put a coat of Seche vite Top Coat on before I added the finishing touches.. I then added a Mint Sprint Peace Sign to my ring finger, hearts and dots to my index and middle finger and left my pinky crackled.
 Here's the "Innocent" green peace sign I put on my thumb. Oh I also outlined the peace signs to make them pop out more and look more round.
 The Crackle on the pinky finger looks better in pics then it does in real life lol

by this point I cleaned up the sponged areas on my fingers and added a Seche Vite Top coat..

Here's a better less fuzzy view of my nails and my inspiration, my new blanket*

Please comment if you like it..  I love this idea on my nails, I might work with it a bit more and try to come up with a diff idea to fix the crackle problem...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Want a Signature Name Graphic?? Read on...

I only have 8 people following my blog, there has to be more people out there. Please pass my blog around and tell your friends to follow my blog and like my facebook page plz. I'll do an Awesome giveaway when I reach 50 people following my blog and 100 people who "LIKE" my page My page can be found on FB at "Polished Dezinez Addict" My blog is

 I'm working on my new Mani right now so be sure to check my blog out tomorrow when I post pics of it, It's really cute. :)

Also if you get 5 people to follow my blog and like my FB page I'll make you a Signature Name Graphic...

Let me know the names of the 5 people who follow my blog and FB page and then let me know the name you'd like on your graphic and which colors you'd like :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

All of my Sinful Colors

Yet Another Major Haul!

I just had to get more Sinful Colors before the sale was over.. Dad went back and we got 15 more lol. I Love how he has conformed to my obsession/addiction now lol. Before he use to say I had every color imagineable and I didn't need any more. I guess he also thought it was an amazing sale lol. Anything to see his baby girl happy :] I also got one more Essie, a Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Mint Sprint and 2 Complete Salon  Manicures by Sally Hansen

SH- Good To Grape
SH- Hidden Treasure
SH Insta Dri- Mint Sprint
Sinful Colors- Unicorn [Pale Yellow]
Sinful Colors- Secret Admirer [Black with silver glitter]
Sinful Colors- Fiji [A dark shiny purple]
Sinful Colors- Feeling Great [pink]
Sinful Colors- Hazard [Coral]
Sinful Colors- Amethyst [Dark Grape]
Sinful Colors- Exotic Green [green]
Sinful Colors- Happy Ending [Shiny Green]
Sinful Colors- Daddy's Girl [A deep dark bluish purple with glitter]
Sinful Colors- Dream On [Fuschia]
Sinful Colors- Hottie [Blue Glitter]
Sinful Colors- Black on Black [Black]
Sinful Colors- 24/7 [Hot Pink]
Sinful Colors- Purple Diamon [name says it all]
Sinful Colors-Boogie Night [orangey pink]

I'm kinda sad I didn't get the white one, maybe I can go back for just that one, but I know if I step foot in the door I'm gonna get too many lol I also never saw one color I really wanted at any of the 4 Walgreens I went. Green Ocean.... It looked so pretty and I couldn't find it. Oh well.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day to ME!!

I got sooooo many polishes for myself on Monday, then Tuesday Valentines Day I find out Sinful Colors is on sale for $0.99 cents EACH!!!!!!! I was overjoyed, but just spent so much on polishes the day before, My daddy bought me 11 new Sinful Colors for a V-day gift!! Woohooooooooo... So here's my haul:

Yesterday I got 18 new polishes:
Essie- Sand Tropez [Sandy Brown]
Essie- Carry On [like a dark Maroon/Wine]
Essie- Vanity Fairest [Light Sparkly Pink/Cashmere]
Essie- Watermelon [Pink]
Essie- Smokin' hot [Like a grey with a purple tone]
Essie- Go Overboard [An Awesome Dark blue/tealish]
Essie- Peach Daiquiri  [Pink, really cute]
Milani- Mint Candy [Mint]
Milani- Orchidia [Baby Purple]
Milani- Beach Front [Baby blue]
Milani- Tip Toe Pink [Uhm, I think it's PINK] lol
Spoiled- Toad-Ally Amazing [Mint]
Spoiled- I Only Eat Salads [Lime Green]
Spoiled- Designated Driver [Canary Yellow]
Spoiled- Permission To Proceed [GREEN]
L'oreal- Club Prive [a creamy Mint]
Sally Hansen- Silver Crackle Overcoat
Pure Ice- Heart Breaker [like a Metallic Blue]

11 Sinful Colors:
Cinderella!!!!!! [Was sooo happy to get this, it's a light blue with pink sparkly accents]
Why Not? [an AWEsome Blue]
Rise And Shine [a Tealy Blue]
Mint Apple [Mint]
Innocent [Lime Green]
Soul Mate [Pink]
Pull Over [Yellow]
Love Nails [Metallic-y Blue]
Kissy [Glitter Blue] Soooo cute!
Frenzy [Purple/Pink Glitter]
Nail Junkie [Blue Glitter]

This was one helluva haul!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Huge Valentines Day HAUL!!!!!

I  keep sayin' I'm gonna quit buying polishes but the colors just attract me like a bug to a bug zapper.. OMG I had wayyyyyy too much fun today shopping for new polishes.. I found quite a few I was looking for... Essie would be proud lol... This is just a lil V-day gift to myself.. I can't wait to test out all these colors... Pics coming soon and I'll tell ya'll what I gotz!!!!!  Gotta get dinner going right now, we're having Homemade Southwestern Eggrolls!!! I'll post pics of those later too lol I love to cook!!! ANDDDDD today I painted my lamp shade, I'm makin' it Zebra print, I shall be done either tonight or tomorrow.. I haven't slept since yesterday... Running on pure Sobe Energy here lol... Be back laterz

UPDATE: Pics of my Southwestern Eggrolls...

My First Polished Dezine

This was my very first attempt at a pretty nail dezine. I used Loreal "Sea Me Now" it's a deep green-ish blue, looks green sometimes and blue at others, it's definetly one of my faves :) I also used my silver striper and My Maybelline Express Finish in Onyx Rush. I used a dotting tool for the dots... :) I'll post pics of all my dotting tools and brushes later on tonight or tomorrow :)

My lil' Sisters V-day Mani, simple yet stylish

My lil sister wanted in on the nail action for Valentines day, here's what we came up with, simplicity yet stylish  she didn't want a ton of hearts so I opted for one colored in and one open heart on her ring fingers with black tips and the same Nicole OPI pink I used in my mani <3 I hope she lets me do her nails more often. She quit biting them as of a week ago!!! Many props!!

Last Valentines Day Mani

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Hope ya'll have a special romantic filled day and evening. <3
I'm not a huge fan of pink but it's February and pink is in. I really hate the color red on my nails, so I didn't do any red dezinez but here's my last pink one for the year probably lol. I painted my nails 2 coats of Nicole Opi from the Kardashian Kollection. It's a beautiful bright pink and the formula is amazing!! It could've done with just one thick coat but I still saw Visible Nail Line. I then added a thick diagonal streak of silver polish OPI [I'll check the names of the polishes I used later.] Then I used my black striper and outlined the silver. My next idea was to make small black hearts in the silver but they don't show up at all in the pics, the last pic has the hearts in it, I'm gonna try to take a picture of my nails in direct sunlight to see if the hearts on the silver come out or what. I need a new camera and need to use the Macro setting.. Anyone wanna buy me a Valentines day gift lol. These nails are adorable, even without the hearts in the middle of the silver. I might play around with them a bit tomorrow and see what else I can come up with using the pink and silver streak. Comments are appreciated and very much welcomed!!!

 This last pic has hearts in the middle streak of silver.. wish they'd show up.. Gonna take a pic outside tomorrow to see if they come out better..
Gonna tweak this Polished Dezine a bit to see what else I can come up with, cuz I love this bright pink.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New V-Day Mani

Coming soon... Just gotta take the pictures... will post tomorow sometime... Please pass my blog around so more people follow it.. When I get 100 followers I'll do a small giveaway :) I'm collecting stuff for it now :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Here's my new Valentine's Day/ Heart Mani

I started off with a layer of SECHE CLEAR Base coat followed by 4 coats of ESSIE Muchi Muchi which is a light pink color, it was a bit streaky on the first 2-3 coats but I achieved bottle color with 4 coats.

It'd be a pretty color all on its own, but I'm all about the Polished Dezinez. I then put on a coat of SECHE VITE Top coat. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes....Then taped off diagonally each finger and painted the bottom half 2 coats of ESSIE Mod Square a darker pink color to contrast the light & dark. I use "Scotch blue painters tape" but be sure to tape it to your hand a couple of times so it loses some of its stickyness cuz it's really sticky. Then I added another coat of SECHE VITE Top coat and let that dry for 10 minutes... I added a line of white dots on the darker pink and a line of pink dots on the lighter pink with my dotting tool, then added a pink heart on the light pink and a white heart on the darker pink, added another coat of SECHE VITE Top Coat and that's it.

 Sorry the white hearts look like blobs lol I need a new Camera
 You can see the colors perfectly in the next few pics..

 The two bottles of Essie I used!! Muchi Muchi & Mod Square