Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day to ME!!

I got sooooo many polishes for myself on Monday, then Tuesday Valentines Day I find out Sinful Colors is on sale for $0.99 cents EACH!!!!!!! I was overjoyed, but just spent so much on polishes the day before, My daddy bought me 11 new Sinful Colors for a V-day gift!! Woohooooooooo... So here's my haul:

Yesterday I got 18 new polishes:
Essie- Sand Tropez [Sandy Brown]
Essie- Carry On [like a dark Maroon/Wine]
Essie- Vanity Fairest [Light Sparkly Pink/Cashmere]
Essie- Watermelon [Pink]
Essie- Smokin' hot [Like a grey with a purple tone]
Essie- Go Overboard [An Awesome Dark blue/tealish]
Essie- Peach Daiquiri  [Pink, really cute]
Milani- Mint Candy [Mint]
Milani- Orchidia [Baby Purple]
Milani- Beach Front [Baby blue]
Milani- Tip Toe Pink [Uhm, I think it's PINK] lol
Spoiled- Toad-Ally Amazing [Mint]
Spoiled- I Only Eat Salads [Lime Green]
Spoiled- Designated Driver [Canary Yellow]
Spoiled- Permission To Proceed [GREEN]
L'oreal- Club Prive [a creamy Mint]
Sally Hansen- Silver Crackle Overcoat
Pure Ice- Heart Breaker [like a Metallic Blue]

11 Sinful Colors:
Cinderella!!!!!! [Was sooo happy to get this, it's a light blue with pink sparkly accents]
Why Not? [an AWEsome Blue]
Rise And Shine [a Tealy Blue]
Mint Apple [Mint]
Innocent [Lime Green]
Soul Mate [Pink]
Pull Over [Yellow]
Love Nails [Metallic-y Blue]
Kissy [Glitter Blue] Soooo cute!
Frenzy [Purple/Pink Glitter]
Nail Junkie [Blue Glitter]

This was one helluva haul!!!!!!!!!

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