Friday, February 17, 2012

Want a Signature Name Graphic?? Read on...

I only have 8 people following my blog, there has to be more people out there. Please pass my blog around and tell your friends to follow my blog and like my facebook page plz. I'll do an Awesome giveaway when I reach 50 people following my blog and 100 people who "LIKE" my page My page can be found on FB at "Polished Dezinez Addict" My blog is

 I'm working on my new Mani right now so be sure to check my blog out tomorrow when I post pics of it, It's really cute. :)

Also if you get 5 people to follow my blog and like my FB page I'll make you a Signature Name Graphic...

Let me know the names of the 5 people who follow my blog and FB page and then let me know the name you'd like on your graphic and which colors you'd like :)

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