Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crackled Peace!

I got a new blanket that inspired this nail dezine. It's black with colored Peace signs and colored splashes.. It inspired me but i'm not so sure my idea came out the way I wanted. I had a hard time with the crackle, it just wouldn't crackle enough to show the colors through it.. Oh well, it was fun to do.

I used a basecoat first of Nailtiques a nail protein basecoat. Then I used a basecoat of Seche Clear. I used the colors Mint Sprint by Sally Hansen and 4 by Sinful Colors, Amethyst [purple] Innocent [green] it looks yellow in the pic and the purple looks blue.., Why Not [Blue] the blue pictured is Love Nails, it was too light for what I needed so I swapped it for "Why Not"and the last color is Feeling Great [Pink] I also used one coat of Snow Me White so that the colors popped better.

 I love my caboodle.. It holds all my makeup :) In this next picture you can see the makeup sponges I used, I broke one into pieces, one for each color..
 Here's how I started, sponging on diff colors in diff sections of each finger... This is 3 colors pictured

 Here's all 5 of the colors and don't worry if it gets all over your skin, it was easy to get cleaned up..

 Next I crackled them, and the black crackle didn't crack like I wanted it to, it was too heavy of a coat I guess, so the colors didn't shine through the best.. I put a coat of Seche vite Top Coat on before I added the finishing touches.. I then added a Mint Sprint Peace Sign to my ring finger, hearts and dots to my index and middle finger and left my pinky crackled.
 Here's the "Innocent" green peace sign I put on my thumb. Oh I also outlined the peace signs to make them pop out more and look more round.
 The Crackle on the pinky finger looks better in pics then it does in real life lol

by this point I cleaned up the sponged areas on my fingers and added a Seche Vite Top coat..

Here's a better less fuzzy view of my nails and my inspiration, my new blanket*

Please comment if you like it..  I love this idea on my nails, I might work with it a bit more and try to come up with a diff idea to fix the crackle problem...


  1. I love the rainbow look! Very cute!!

  2. Awww thanks so much, I love them too, wanna do another Dezine but I don't wanna get rid of this one yet, I love it so much lol. <3


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