Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spoiled!!! Super Huge Haul

I am Very Spoiled. I got so many polishes today and yesterday. I'm like seriously done for the year. Time to work on swatching and writing them all down and doing a bottle count.. Anddddddddd Organizing them.. Whew, a lot of work.. I would've had a new mani today but I can't get rid of my Crackled Peace nails yet, I love them too much lol.. Maybe Thursday I'll do a new one... Ok so 4 stores later and my Super Spoiled Haul is ready to be written down... 37 Awesome Polishes!
I finally found a well stocked "Spoiled" display at CVS, they had quite a few glitters there so I got every one I saw, and I saw a new Go Green Sally Hansen Display with 5 new greens, I got 4 of them...

Here's what I got:
Milani Nail Art Pen [Yellow Dezine]
Milani Nail Art Pen [Blue Print]                Both Nail Pens were 75% off!!!!!!!!!!!
Milani NEON Dude Blue
Milani NEON Pink Hottie

School of Hardrocks [Grey Blue]
Size Matters [Deep Red/Plum]

4 new Go Green Sally Hansen Polishez:
Tough Luck [ Shiny Green]
Limestone [Lime Green]
Punk Rock [a Shiny green blue] My fave out of the five!!
Made in Jade [A dark jaded turquoise] My 2nd fave from that display!!

Diamond Strength Sally Hansen:
Pink Promise [ummmm could it be pink?]
Must Have Iris [Pink]

Sally Hansen Insta Dri:
Rapid Red [Cherry Red]

Sally Hansen HD:
Pixel Pretty [Shiny Turquoise] Soooo in love with this color and this line of HD polishes!
Lite [Yellow]
Hi-Def [Green that reflects Gold]

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear:
Marine Scene [a darker shiny blue]
Blizzard Blue [a shiny bright blue] 

Dreamer [Baby Blue/Sky blue]
Charismatic [Sherbert Orange]
Not So Blueberry [SMELLS like Blueberries when dry, it's a metallic bluish purple tint]

SPOILED: [I LOVE the names of these lol]
Pet My Peacock [Blue, Turquoise and silver glitter polish]
I Gotta Confection To Make [Hot Pink Glitter]
Vitamin C [Glittery Orange]
Trust Fund Baby [Purple, Blue and Gold Glitter polish]
I'm So Jaded [Bright Neon Green]
Plenty of Fish in the Sea [Shiny Metallic Blue]
Show Me The Money [Green Glitter looks like my birthstone Peridot] I had this one already :\
Distant Memory [ Green blue]
Tip Your Waitress [Hot Pink]
Use Protection [Blue glitter]
Jewelry Heist [Gold, Light Blue and light pink glitters]

Sinful Colors:
All About You [Gold Glitter]
Under 18 [Shiny Red]
Ruby Ruby [Red]
Easy Going [Pale Pink

I Eat Mainley Lobster
Overexposed in South Beach
Hot & Spicy

When I get everything organized. pics of bottles and swatches will be coming.. Sorry it's taking so long, but in between shopping and life, things have gotten a bit busy. I'll post tomorrow or Thursday.


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    1. Yeah it was, I've been gone for a week or so now and have 4 more hauls to add... :D Thanks for following me.. pics coming soon. My sister took a pic of most of my collection but she left yesterday for college and she won't be free til Thursday to send me the pics off of her camera... Bummer, but I got 3 new mani's to add today. <3


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