Monday, February 27, 2012


Sorry for not posting for a while, I've been depressed. even my nails are depressed. Here's my latest Polished Dezine... It's based on how I've been feeling and the weather and a really awesome song my lil sister had me listen to. "Stormy" by Hedley omg it's awesome, check it out for realz.

I used a base coat of Nailtiques then a base coat of Seche Clear then used Essies Power Clutch for the base color, OPI Suzi takes the wheel for the dark dreary clouds, Sinful colors Cinderella for the rain drops, sinful colors Unicorn for the lightning  strike and some Sinful colors snow me white for some added effect to the drops. I'm not sure if I like them very much... Hopefully I'll feel like changing them soon but for right now they're exactly how I feel. Like a dark cloud is over my head

 The thumb on my right hand.

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