Monday, February 13, 2012

Huge Valentines Day HAUL!!!!!

I  keep sayin' I'm gonna quit buying polishes but the colors just attract me like a bug to a bug zapper.. OMG I had wayyyyyy too much fun today shopping for new polishes.. I found quite a few I was looking for... Essie would be proud lol... This is just a lil V-day gift to myself.. I can't wait to test out all these colors... Pics coming soon and I'll tell ya'll what I gotz!!!!!  Gotta get dinner going right now, we're having Homemade Southwestern Eggrolls!!! I'll post pics of those later too lol I love to cook!!! ANDDDDD today I painted my lamp shade, I'm makin' it Zebra print, I shall be done either tonight or tomorrow.. I haven't slept since yesterday... Running on pure Sobe Energy here lol... Be back laterz

UPDATE: Pics of my Southwestern Eggrolls...

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