Friday, February 10, 2012

Here's my new Valentine's Day/ Heart Mani

I started off with a layer of SECHE CLEAR Base coat followed by 4 coats of ESSIE Muchi Muchi which is a light pink color, it was a bit streaky on the first 2-3 coats but I achieved bottle color with 4 coats.

It'd be a pretty color all on its own, but I'm all about the Polished Dezinez. I then put on a coat of SECHE VITE Top coat. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes....Then taped off diagonally each finger and painted the bottom half 2 coats of ESSIE Mod Square a darker pink color to contrast the light & dark. I use "Scotch blue painters tape" but be sure to tape it to your hand a couple of times so it loses some of its stickyness cuz it's really sticky. Then I added another coat of SECHE VITE Top coat and let that dry for 10 minutes... I added a line of white dots on the darker pink and a line of pink dots on the lighter pink with my dotting tool, then added a pink heart on the light pink and a white heart on the darker pink, added another coat of SECHE VITE Top Coat and that's it.

 Sorry the white hearts look like blobs lol I need a new Camera
 You can see the colors perfectly in the next few pics..

 The two bottles of Essie I used!! Muchi Muchi & Mod Square

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