Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My First Ever DIY Foam board Nail Polish Rack

I finally got around to making my first ever DIY Foam Board Nail Polish Rack and it was really fun!! I have more boards to make one more!!! I'm really excited to be posting this. As most of ya'll know I have my Polish Studio Walls full of Polish on my Wood Polish Racks. But I've seen tons of Youtube videos of girls making their $1.99-$5.00 DIY Projects.. and wanted to make one for myself too! [My lil 16 yr old sister almost needs one too lol She's gotten addicted to polish as well] Not as bad as me but she has quite a collection! Anyways... This DIY Project would have cost me just $7 for the 3 $1 Boards and the Duct tape, but I wanted a high temp glue gun, my small gluegun wouldn't have been much fun to work with, it seems with that one, the glue is dry before it even touches something. But I definetly recommend this High Temp one!! It's GREAT to work with!

                                   I bought a new High Temp Glue Gun at Walmart for $20!
 Got my Gluesticks and Duct Tape at Walmart as well $10

                         I found my 3 White Foam Boards at the Dollar Tree for just $1 each!!


                                     I needed X-acto knives, a ruler, and a measuring tape!!

                                          I cut 2- 2 inch long wise cutouts from the one board.
                                         I drew lines 4 inches apart on the "back" white board.
                                           I then drew 9- 2 inch lines on the last foam board.
                  I had enough room to draw 9-1 inch lines on the last foam board I drew the 9-2 inch lines..

You keeping up? lol It seems easy enough, but you NEED to make sure you have EVERYTHING even and not off by even a centimeter. It takes time and real good eye control.

After I had everything drawn, I was ready to cut.. I cut them all out using my sharp X-acto knivez
That was the hardest part. Trying to cut ON the lines evenly... But I did it, so here I have all my pieces cut out .
                                                and here is  my "Back" board all lined up
I had to duct tape my front 1 inch panels first, then the 2- 2inch side panels.. I almost didn't have enough duct tape. I ran out and I wasn't satisfied so I still used the LAST piece of duct tape that wasn't sticky lol I just cut it into 3 thin pieces and hot glued it to the top :)

After that I glued on the 2 2inch sides to the Back board, then I glued on the top shelf and went down from there.. I used extra hot glue on every side of every cutout. Above and Under each shelf and front and back on each side. I used about 8 Long Gluesticks, and burnt my fingers at least 5 times with the hot glue!! lol But it was well worth it!

And this is the Final Piece of work.

 I LOVE how it turned out, and it turned out Perfectly. Not lopsided, not uneven at all. I can't wait to make my next one!!! I LOVE the duct tape I picked out for this one. I have a few more duct tapes I can't decide which to use next!!! lol

I'll update later when I put it up or put it somewhere and add all the polishes, and I'll let you know how many polishes it holds.. I'll prolly get to that tomorrow :)
Thanks for reading!! Please Leave a comment if you have made one or want one or whatever. I love reading comments! :)


  1. How pretty!! What a fun project to do!

  2. I made one last month but i was so anxious to finish it a couple of my shelves were cut a little crooked lol but it still looks really cute. i used bright pink glitter cardstock to cover the front of the shelves. next time i will use duct tape, it looks a lot neater that way. you did a great job!!

  3. So cute! I am afraid to get shelves for fear they will fall off Nd break.

  4. How much weight would it hold? I've always wondered if I should work with wood or foam.


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