Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Latest Polished Dezine for a Contest

This is my entry I made for a Contest on Facebook... Pritty Kittyz Nailz is the page. She's super sweet. All the way from the UK. Her contest is "PINK" no stamping and no stickers. Must be hand drawn Nail Art. With a Pink Concept 70% or more must be pink.. Let me know if you like my entry.. I really hope I win!! I've only won one contest so far. I have 2 more contests to get doin'... One for NPD Nail Polish Dept on Facebook is doing a Candyland themed contest.. Idea is Candy... Ends sometime in August.. Then Pink Tattoo [PLEASE find them all on Facebook and tell them I sent you, and like their pages. Pink Tattoo is having an awesome Summer Giveaway, she can be found on Youtube as well!!!! I wanna win her contest soooo bad!! Anyways here's my PINK entry..

I was going for a pink/black idea and wanted to def do breast cancer awareness... and I have a beautiful black kitty and the site who's doing the contest is PRITTY KITTYZ NAILZ  It only seemed right. I think it's Puuurrrrrfectly pink and a winner lol

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