Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

I’m having such an amazing Birthday today. Right now I’m setting up my Brand New LAPTOP!!!!! It has everything. I’m using Windows Live Writer to write this blog post… Just checkin’ things out and looking at my new laptop! I can’t wait to post pics of it and everything I got for my Birthday today. Cupcakes are in the oven. It smells sooooooo good in here.. Me and Maritza, my lil sister are gonna decorate those babies as soon as they cool off.. We’re making Chocolate Cupcakes with Reese’s Peanut Butter chips inside them and FUNFETTI Vanilla cupcakes with my world famous home made Cream cheese Frosting!!!!! We’re gonna decorate them with rainbows, I got my 5 pasty bags and tips ready to go! Beautiful Colorful Rainbows with fluffy white clouds! So cute! Definetly will post pics!! I Also got some new clothes, perfumes, body washes and jewelry, a caboodle, a purse and wallet and of course a couple more polishes to add to my stash!! And I got a bunch of popsicle craft sticks and fake nails so I can make SWATCHSICLES of my entire collection of Polishes!!!! That probably won’t be done today. but I’ll be working on that. Can’t wait to show ya’ll my idea of how I’m gonna keep my collection in order Smile Thanks a million to all of my followers and friends who sent me Birthday wishes on my Facebook Nail site/page as well as my Personal Facebook page. Love you girls and guys!! Lots of Pics coming soon… As well as a new mani I did for a contest PINK TATTOO is doing… <3 I’m gonna finish  checking out this laptop and getting all my stuff from my mini onto it..

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  1. That's so Awesome sweety!.. I know you're having a blast w/ your Loving Familia....Enjoy!!=)


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