Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review For SquareHue.com Monthly Subscription Box

This awesome filled box was sent to me for Review from Squarehue.com
**This is my Honest Opinion**
[[I Have to Warn You this Post is Picture Heavy..Let it all load for best results]]

Click on the link below to be directed to their site!!

The lovely folks at Squarehue.com sent me this box in March for their 03.13 O'hue collection to be reviewed!! Yay! [The second company to send me polish for Review.]
I really love the idea of getting polish in the mail, and NOT knowing what the colors are going to be. Their service is $21.00 a month including shipping costs. 
Also a portion of their proceeds is donated. Below is what SquareHue says about where their proceeds are going to help in rehabilitation efforts.
[Even united as friends, we realize we cannot help everybody, but we can help somebody. For us, that “somebody” are women that are being trafficked and sold into a life of slavery. Collectively we have organized, designed and constructed installations to raise awareness of this injustice. We also have curated and hosted art gallery fund raisers where all proceeds of artwork sold were donated to help in rescue and rehabilitation efforts.
As a SquareHue subscriber, you too take part in the continuing efforts against human trafficking.
A portion of monthly subscription proceeds are donated for prevention awareness, the protection of victims and the prosecution of traffickers. It’s simple, you get marvelous nail polish delivered to your door and we donate to organizations involved with combatting human trafficking. We believe that together we can make a difference. You get, Hue gives.]
The Polishes are HIGH Quality and Cruelty-free, and "3 free" You can even suspend or Pause your service for a month when money is tight or you're on a "no buy" ;)
Since I was given this box for free this past month and I bought the January collection from another blogger in January I am ready and signed up for my April box. I can't wait for it to get here. I have even Canceled my subscription to Julep for these months!
Ok on with the review..
My first impression of the box was it was soooo tiny lol but cute
This Picture Above is to show the size of the box vs the size of my dotting tools. tiny!
Were 3 polishes really in there?
This is the Awesome inside Packaging
I Loved their Collection Card!
 Yes there were 3 beautiful hues in 3 square bottles., I LOVE SQUARE Bottles!! 
I LOVED the inside of the packaging. I loved the Colors, I loved the Collection Card.. I LOVE how their Logo on the front of the bottle is see-through through the HUE part!!

The Back of the bottles has their SquareHue.com Website Address
The Bottom of the bottle tell you the names & what month and year they were made! A great idea!

Now I wondered if their polish formula could make me equally happy.

I started with the =Blonde Ale Polish=, it reminded me of my favorite colored horse, the blonde ones with the blonde manes, you know what I'm talking about I'm sure!! This is definetely not a color I would choose myself just based on bottle view. BUT let me tell you, I own NOTHING like this and for that I am so thankful for this subscription service choosing three polishes for me each month!
This formula dried super fast, no streaks, and I used 3 coats on each fingernail with a basecoat, It didn't even need a top coat it was so shiny!! This is such a lovely champagne based gold shimmer. It achieves bottle color in just 2 easy coats! 

Next Up is the Beautiful =Amber Lager= They're playing on St Patty's Day by doing beer names and it works. This color is soooo rich and warm and Metalic. It's a fresh burnt Copper shimmer. This is also a color I would've never gotten if it wasn't for Squarehue.com but it's definetly one of my fave shades right now!!! I know this is gonna be my go to shade this Autumn!!!!!


And Last but CERTAINLY NOT Least is =Patty's Pint= it's the color Emerald I've always dreamt of having! This lush Emerald is a definite must have this year being Pantones Color of the Year 2013
There is absolutely no streaking in any of these polishes and with just 2 coats and 10 minutes you're ready to start your day or end your night since most of us paint our nails at night, it's great that this formula is so quick drying!

I am definetely impressed with this new company and I really hope you get on board and sign up as well. You're missing out if you haven't already. For just $21.. that's just $7 a bottle. 3 bottles that are in style for the month and fabulous. They got me. I've signed up and cannot wait for my April Box to arrive in just a week or so :) Thanks for reading :)


  1. What a very well written review! Love the pictures too!

    1. Thank you so much. Coming from you that means more to me than you think!

  2. ahhh sooo many pictures!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ever have one of those days where you just can't decide? Yeah that was one of those days lol!

  3. Replies
    1. Ohhhhh essie!! Thanks for checking out my blog. If you read this comment, I will eventually email you back! Don't think I'm ignoring you! Lol and yes Patty's Pint is gorgeous!!!


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