Saturday, October 12, 2013

Influenster and Sargento Cheese

If you haven't checked out I don't know what you're waiting for! It's a cool site where they want your reviews and you get badges the more you get into it and then you get free boxes from them if you're selected.. Anyhoo I need to do a review on my blog for them cuz they sent me a really cool snack box along with Sargento Cheese. I'm gonna try to post my picture of the cheeses but if it don't go at least they have my review lol


I signed up for the Sargento Quiz and was rewarded with a cute lil box that contained a REALLY GOOD COUPON to get my snack for Review. It was a $4.89 off any Sargento Cheese snack I think and there was also a $1 off coupon and a cute lil single string cheese holder, insulated and cute. I'll update this with pics. I hate not being able to upload my pics! Anyways I got a big bag 4 cups of Shredded Cheddar and it was very good, I didn't eat it as a snack but I prepared a whole meal with it. The fam[ily] loved the Cheesey goodness! It was so fresh and had really great flavor. We're sticking with Sargento for all of our cheese needs.

The pic of the cheese is on my Instagram! @Polisheddezinezaddict

Thanks for reading my cheesy review! I *think the pic of the cheeses is at the bottom! but my iPad won't let me see. This might mean my problem has been fixed! Yay!

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