Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blings Giveaway!!

======== Giveaway Starting right now!!!========
The first 3 [THREE] People to get me 10 People/Likes to my site will win a Nail Art Bling Rhinestone Package [They're Peel & Stick but I suggest you use a nail glue to be super sure] They're beautiful on the nails for the middles of flowers or as diamond accents. I have 2 silver available and 1 assorted colors available. First come first serve. Just tell the people you're sending my way to let me know who sent them >>[Full name plz] Giveaway will end when all 3 packs of Bling are gone. If you get me 10 likes, you can contact me here on my facebook page via message or email me at JMFDezinez@gmail.com with your shipping info. I will mail the bling out ASAP ♥ Good Luck!!!

[[PS I know they say Cell Phone Bling but I use them for my nails]]

This also goes for my blog.. if you can get me 10 people on my blog send them my way... I'm tired of feeling like i'm talking to myself lol

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