Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nail Art Contest on my Facebook Page

 Add my Facebook Page Polished Dezinez Addict <3
My Nail Art Contest is Starting Thursday April 26th, 2012 Contest Ends Wednesday May 2nd 2012. It's a "Themed" Nail Art Contest. The Theme is gonna be "Tropical Paradise" Whatever you think of when you think Tropical Paradise put it on your nails!!!
Contest Opens Thursday April 26th, please email your entries to me at JMFDezinez@Gmail.com along with your name.
Your entry must be done on your own nails. I will post all entries here on my Facebook page. You got a couple of days to think about what you're gonna do and to get your friends in on the contest. Please SHARE my status and/or Facebook Page> Polished Dezinez Addict Contest Ends Wednesday May 2nd 2012. The winner will get to choose a bottle of Nail polish of their choice out of a line up I've chosen, Pics of Prizes will be up Tomorrow. Let your friends know!!

-Open to US residents only. [Sorry I can't afford International shipping.]
-One Entry per person
-Must Be done on your own nails
-Must be Polished Nails in the Theme "Tropical Paradise"
-Must LIKE my page
-Must SHARE my page/status [Make it Public so I can see]

**Voting will be done by ME, my lil sister, my mom & my dad. **

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