Thursday, April 26, 2012

Maybelline Color Show Swatches [4]

Ok so I stumbled into Walgreens by accident today... lol Do we ever go into a pharmacy without the intention of checking out the polishes? Well I came across this awesome display of Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes. They were $4.99 but Buy One Get One Free so I got 4 for the price of 2.. Which isn't too bad. The size of the bottle is kinda small considering an essie brand polish has 0.46 fl oz these are only .23 fl oz That's half the amount, but do we ever really use a whole bottle? I know I haven't accomplished that one yet. Anyways onto the swatches.

First up is Denim Dash, it's a Matte finish which was surprising. It's really pretty. First Denim polish I have in my stash. It's a dark Denim blue with silver specks. Very pretty in the sunlight. I didn't use a top coat so I could enjoy the matte effect. The polish was very creamy and flowed well. I love these new Polishes. Much better than their Express ones I think they are.. I broke my index finger nail painting these swatches somehow, so bear with my small nub lol.

 Next up is Pink Shock and it's a 3 coater. In the pic I did just 2 coats and there is VNL. But this color is definetly a creamy pink and very shiny. LOVE it. These are probably my new fave polishes. I even got compliments at my sisters school!!!
 Shocking Seas is a very creamy beautiful blue, it's a breeze to apply, the formula in these bottles is heaven. Definetly worth the price. Wish I would've gotten more colors while I was there... There's always next time. Besides I went in there for ONE blush and just to see if they had any new Sinful Colors while they're on sale for $0.99cents :)

 Last one I got is called Twilight Rays it's a cross between a cafe brown with gold shimmers and yeah that's all I got, it's brown with golden shimmers lol. Wish I would've gotten the purple, the coral and the other blue that was there, I'm not too happy with this color, it's not really me. It's prolly gonna go in my forgotten stash.
Well that's my review of the new Color Show Polishes, let me know if you're gonna pick some up and which ones you do end up swatching :)

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