Friday, April 27, 2012

Monthly Nail Art Contests on my FB Page!

It's official Nail Polish Addicts, I'm gonna be doing a new Themed Nail Art Contest Every Month!!!!!! That means you have a chance to win a Free Nail Polish every month! So be sure to enter!
 This "Tropical Paradise" Themed "N-A-C" is going SO GREAT with SO many Beautiful Entries that I would love to keep challenging my ladies and giving out beautiful polishes :) So Every month will have a new theme, get ready ladies this is gonna be fun. I already have the next 6 months planned :) Add me on my Facebook page at Polished Dezinez Addict
Please if you haven't done so already LIKE my page, SHARE my page with all your Nail Friendz and post me a comment saying hello. I love meeting new people. I love to chit chat. I love Polish!!!

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