Monday, May 28, 2012

My New Polish Studio

My New Polish Studio. Worked on it all weekend. Thanks to my Dad for all of his help. I dezined it all myself. How do you keep your polishes?


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    1. I'm sooo lovin' it... Can't wait to make one more shelf... Gonna do one more with 6 shelves for polish and the rest slightly larger for my knicknacks and picture frames and candles and stuff... I can't wait to complete my room :D thanks for commenting lovez <3

  2. That is WONDERFUL! Great job Dad!!! I wish my Dad would help me make one! that's perfect! :-)

  3. Thats awesome! :) I don't have anywhere near as many polishes as you (my fiance would flip) LOL But, I keep them up on my vanity!

    1. Yeah my dad flips over them lol. Well not really anymore he kinda just accepts them now and he even picks up colors he thinks I don't have lol he bought me my first ever magnetic polishes lol he was so happy when he pointed them out lol we still gotta build one more rack for my other wall.. Hopefully soon cuz I got tons more polish to put up they're just sitting in tubberware containers :0/ they need a good home like these have lol.. Tganks foe the comments girls :)

  4. Wow!
    When I was in grade school if my dad ever saw me with even 1/4 of what you had it would have been a conversation lol

    It looks great though :)


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